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Minorities and mental health

How Anxiety Disproportionally Affects Minorities And Their Support Systems

by Gabby Tazewell

We are all aware that anxiety is one of our body’s ways of coping with stressful situations, however, from the outside looking in, many may not know the effects anxiety truly has on the body throughout a 24-hour basis. This is an issue many have to face, however, the burden of coping with anxiety has affected the black community and underrepresented minorities in ways unimaginable. 

The dire necessity of representation in psychology


by Jhenesy Lopez Fuentes

With one issue, there are hundreds of perspectives. Perspectives are shaped by our life experiences, assumptions, state of mind, and other things we may not be able to identify. Each person looks at problems in a unique manner providing insight others may not be able to provide. A variety of insights is vital in the psychological field as psychology pertains to a diverse array of people from different backgrounds. One factor we can track which affects perspectives is race and cultural background.