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Interested in Psychology and Mental Health?

If you are interested in psychology and mental health and you want to conduct interviews with students and professors from Yale, UCL, Berkeley and so on, fill out the google form to join our team. We also conduct student interviews about stress, organizational skills and ambition. We are currently looking for bloggers, outreach managers, social media managers, web designers and workshop/zoom coordinators. Fill out the Google Form below!

Position Descriptions


  • Write articles about psychological topis at least once per week
  • Come up with new ideas for blogs and communicate with other bloggers about which areas of psychology to cover

Suggested Skills – good writing skills, passion for psychology, being able to write at least once per week

Outreach Managers

  • Reach out to teachers and professionals in the psychology field to arrange interviews and zoom meetings
  • Recruit people for zooms and online workshops
  • Promote Instagram and Facebook page
  • Share website articles in psychological Facebook groups
  • Work on marketing techniques

Graphic Designers

  • Responsible for creating graphics/designs for Instagram posts and website logos

Suggested Skills – knowledge about psychological topics to be able to write content for Instagram posts

Web Designers

  • Work on design of the website using Word Press
  • Make website more appealing
  • Work on font types to use, organization of the website, the appeal of the design…

Suggested Skills – proficient in using WordPress

Zoom Coordinator

  • Come up with creative ideas for psychological workshops and webinar topics
  • Hold some of the webinars/workshops

Suggested Skills – knowledge about psychology, people skills, public speaking skills