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Getting over Job Interview Fear

by Tako Akhvlediani

Have you ever had fear of job interview?

Oh I did!

There are several things, why people are afraid of job interviews.

We afraid that, someone will judge us, someone will think, that we are not so good to work with them. Someone will reject us!

Also sometimes we are afraid of new people, new workplace, and we prefer to work in old bed place, then to get new better one

I had the same problem. I even was nervous about not to worry while meeting. Despite I send my CV, I wasn’t happy when they called me for interview.

So, I had to change something.

One day I realized that Fear is natural, Yes people have Fear of new things, new steps, new life and I need to be more self-confident.

So I wrote down, what I was afraid of :

1. Rejection

2. Seems Not so qualified

3. Saying something stupid

4. New workplace and new responsibilities.

And then I wrote down why I shouldn’t be afraid of these things.

1. Rejection-We should not be afraid that we will not be fired, it does not mean that we have a problem. Maybe just the company and our views do not coincide. It does not mean that we can not send our resume for a vacan- cy in this company. So we can not understand this if we do not try.

2. Seems Not so qualified-If you read the job descriptions, requirements and you meet them, that’s it, you fit the job with your knowledge and experience. Consequently, you have exactly the qualifications that they need.

3. Saying something stupid-We all know that a candidate gets nervous, tense and can do something stupid during an interview. But then what? Who did not come? I once called my senior dad because of nervousness, but then what? We both laughed. Be open, do not hesitate to correct or laugh at your own mistake.

4. New workplace and new responsibilities- New responsibilities and new assignments, of course, are always more difficult than familiar ones. But it is not dangerous at all. Rather, it is a challenge that will enable us to take the next step. Do not forget that we can always ask questions, and a new job is exactly the new challenges and opportunities.

It’s really helped me, You should try and don’t forget: if we will be rejected on interviews, Its our experience for next time.

We just need to find relevant job for us and believe ourselves!



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