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Concept of Death

by Sehar Waheed

Unlike many other theories of the Western culture Kubler stages of death are very much suitable for Eastern cultural context it is because they explain exactly how death approaches to people even in the Eastern cultural context. It is maybe because that is an unavoidable phenomenon and is something that is very much same for all humans and animals no matter where they live or how they live. Even though in the Eastern culture people have different opinions and burial rituals when we compare them to the West. Yet still what happens to the person and what that person feels is very much same for western person or an Eastern person.

Validation Through Stages

1-Denial and isolation

The very first stage in Kubler stages of death is a defense mechanism that is denial. As death is a big threat to survival therefore our brain automatically rejects the idea that we are going to die. When we see the people of Eastern culture they also go in this phase where they think that they are not going to die. They do not accept the facts and figures of the medical tests. They blame the doctors and other people for their bad health and they believe that going to a better doctor will provide them with better results and they will not die.


After the blindfold of the denial is taken of anger become the very next emotion that a person experiences when they are unable to reject the facts and figures on their medical tests and what different health practitioners tell them. In Eastern people become very aggressive when they are unable to propose any other idea rather than their death on the basis of medical reports. They become angry on the doctors and even on their family members. They also sometimes blame them for their condition.


The next stage of dying according to Kubler is bargaining in this state people try their best that they can get an alternative to dying. In Eastern culture people shift different medication and therapies like Allopathy, homeopathy and herbal medicine. People may recite different verses and also go for the “dum durood” to the people who claim to have spiritual healing abilities.


When people are sick and tired of trying and doing all that they can to postpone there that but get no result then they go into the phase of depression in which they feel extreme sadness because they do not want to leave this world. In Eastern culture you can see people in the state of panic when they know that there is no other way and they have to die. You will see that they will stop talking to other people around them and they will not cry anymore to find more ways to survive. They just give up trying.


In the fifth and final stage people do not try anymore and they accept that no matter what they do is not going to work out. They will achieve a stage in which they do not feel any bodily or emotional pain. In Eastern culture when people accept that they are going to die, they find peace because they know that all of their sufferings are now finally going to come to an end.


Eastern and western culture are very different from one another but at the end we are all humans and the way we are born and the way we will die will remain the same forever.


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