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Oldest Myths About Depression Smashed

by Sehar Waheed

Being a psychologist, I have always felt our responsibility towards the people who are mentally ill. One of the worst mental illnesses is surely depression even though it is not considered to be one of the very big psychopathologies yet still deep Inside I always feel that word has not given the depression patients their future of attention care and research. Depression ought to be viewed as one of the significant pathologies since it adds to a great deal of suicides over the globe. There are a ton of elements that take the individual to a state where it drives the individual in transit to death.

Depression Does Not Exist

One of the oldest yet consistent myths about depression and other mental illnesses is that they do not exist although science has approved it decades ago that mental illnesses are real for sure and as critical as physical illnesses. Most people do not believe in the existence of mental illnesses and depression because there is a lack of awareness across the globe yet still there is a chance that you might have psychopathology but you may have no idea that you have it. It’s because for the most part depression is hard to judge until it reaches to a point that it impairs your abilities.

For the most part, people do not recognize mental illnesses as soon as we recognize the symptoms of the physical analysis it is because the symptoms and effects of most of the illnesses along with depression are not so much in people’s knowledge. Most people recognize that they have psychopathology when they reach a point where their symptoms are evident to all the other people around them yet still, they might not have an insight into their problem. You need to understand that just because you never had it or you have never seen someone who has a mental illness it does not mean that it does not exist.

Depressed People Look Sad

Your companion who is continually kidding and giggling may be an individual with misery. It is on the grounds that individuals with depression may not look dismal. The explanation is that being discouraged isn’t tied in with being depressed it is tied in with having powerlessness to feel upbeat. On the off chance that you know somebody or you yourself feel that on the events when individuals feel incredibly complimented you don’t feel anything at all or you don’t feel cheerful then this may be probably the greatest marker of depression.

Just check out a list of all the celebrities that are dead because they committed suicide. You might expect to see most of them looking very sad but honestly, you will feel that they look happy the reason is that even if you do not look sad you might feel sad inside just like all other emotions that we are able to mask and we do not let our body communicate them to other people around us.

Just like you many other people who do not think that such people who are fortunate enough to be celebrities have mental illness consider that they have been murdered because they looked extremely happy to have depression.

Your Role

In the event that you are an individual who has an essential comprehension of psychopathology as you should get the message out or you see somebody that you feel has discouragement, you should give them a warm shoulder. It is critical to advise individuals that they matter to you and that they are significant. Never tell an individual with the misery that they are faking as this makes their condition worsen.


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