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Mind Your Mind

Raising mental health awareness

Interview With Yale Student, Katherine Chou

Interview with a Yale student who is class of 2024. In the interview we discuss how Katherine spends her free time, how she coped with stress and time management throughout the college admissions process. We also talk about how she dealt with not getting into her early action school and how she felt when she got into Yale.

Our Mission


Mind Your Mind aims to promote mental health, raise awareness about psychological issues and inform people about mental illnesses and common misconceptions about psychological topics. Also, it aims to inspire young people to work on their drive and organizational skills toward their path to success.



Oldest Myths About Depression Smashed

by Sehar Waheed

Being a psychologist, I have always felt our responsibility towards the people who are mentally ill…

Myths and Misconceptions About Schizophrenia

By Althea Ocomen

There are several misconceptions and myths surrounding schizophrenia which may be detrimental to the patient or the family of a diagnosed person. Because of this wrong information, it is extremely hard to find genuine symptoms and to remove certain stigmas that surround this mental health disorder…

Why is Mental Health Important?

By Tasnim Tanim
Dedicated to, whoever is fighting with mental health issues or having a mental breakdown.
Be strong now. Because things will get better. It might be stormy now. But, it can’t rain forever.

Professor Interviews

Psychology Of Coronavirus With Dr. Samantha Brooks

Dr. Samantha Brooks is a doctor of psychology with interest in mental health. She is a lecturer at John Moores University in Liverpool and a member of British Psychological Society. Her research is in the field of cognitive neuroscience and she examines neural correlates of impulse control. In this interview, you can see the psychological aspect of pandemic and learn several ways how to cope with the situation.Watch the video here.

The Pandemic With John Swartzberg

John Swartzberg is a clinical professor emeritus at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health. He chairs and is certified in infectious diseases and internal medicine. In this interview, you can learn about the scientific aspect of coronavirus and ways the vaccines are developed. 

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